1. Proton Waterfalls EP

  2. Faxta EP

  3. Caveman EP

  4. 1957 EP
    Bas Mooy

  5. Cloner EP

  6. Hideout EP

  7. Situation EP
    Go Hiyama

  8. It Was Written In Vapour EP
    Fran Hartnett

  9. Mosaic Of Sleepless Nights EP
    Bas Mooy

  10. Biometric Visas EP
    Christian Wunsch

  11. Bazooka Circus EP
    Bas Mooy

  12. My Hands Your Neck EP

  13. Geometrical EP
    Go Hiyama

  14. Residual Set EP
    Go Hiyama

  15. Alliance VI
    DJ Boss / Bas Mooy

  16. Killer Door EP
    Jeroen Liebregts

  17. Self Consume EP

  18. Hair of the Dog EP

  19. Two From 20 Latter Halfs EP
    Go Hiyama

  20. Metal Coffee Death EP
    Bas Mooy

  21. Shot Through EP
    Paul Mac

  22. Mika et al EP

  23. Class of 96 EP
    Glenn Wilson

  24. Realization EP
    Go Hiyama

  25. Templates for Life EP
    Jeroen Liebregts

  26. Alliance V
    The Anxious / Bas Mooy

  27. A Sleepless Malice EP
    Dustin Zahn

  28. Exile Or Oppression EP

  29. Dragon of the Black Pool EP
    Ian Lehman

  30. Mentiras EP
    Olivier Giacomotto

  31. Battlefields EP
    Various Artists

  32. Reanimate EP
    Andre Walter & Chris Hope

  33. Alliance IV
    Gunjack / Jeroen Liebregts

  34. House Arrest EP
    Abi Lönnberg

  35. Alliance III
    Patrik Skoog / M. Fridell and A. Johansson

  36. War Pimp Renaissance EP

  37. Alliance II
    Lars Klein / Michael Burkat

  38. Bitter End EP
    Bas Mooy & Jeroen Liebregts

  39. Alliance I
    Carl Max / Tuomas Rantanen

  40. Nothing in Common EP
    Testosteron Inc

  41. Virus Sucks EP
    Lars Klein

  42. Redlitedelite EP

  43. Full Charge EP
    Carlos Rios / Vincent de Wit

  44. First Strike EP
    Vincent de Wit

  45. Chapter Seventeen: Bloodshed EP
    Various Artists

  46. Chapter Sixteen: The Bigger Picture EP
    Various Artists

  47. Chapter Fifteen: Armed Force EP
    Various Artists

  48. Chapter Fourteen: Guerilla EP
    Various Artists

  49. Chapter Thirteen: Fatal Mission EP
    Various Artists

  50. Chapter Eleven: Without It We're Animals EP
    Various Artists

  51. Chapter Ten: Brothers In Arms EP
    Various Artists

  52. Chapter Twelve: Menace To Society EP
    Various Artists

  53. Chapter Nine: Eternal Soldiers EP
    Various Artists

  54. Chapter Eight: No Rest For The Brave EP
    Various Artists

  55. Chapter Seven: Collateral Damage EP
    Various Artists

  56. Chapter Six: Lies Are Like Wishes EP
    Various Artists

  57. Chapter Five: What Happened To The Hours EP
    Various Artists

  58. Chapter Four: Silent Witness EP
    Various Artists

  59. Chapter Three: I Need An Enemy EP
    Various Artists

  60. Chapter Two: Self Destruction EP
    Various Artists

  61. Chapter One: Against The Atoms EP
    Various Artists


Audio Assault Rotterdam, Netherlands

Audio Assault was started by Bas Mooy and Jeroen Liebregts (Radial) in 2003. One year later they started sub label ARMS. The last release was in 2013.

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